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a shot was fired around this nation. a shot was fired saying no more business as usual in washington, d.c. >> you heard what the speaker said yesterday and what the majority leader said. we will find a way to push this over the line. it's that kind of arrogance that has the american people about ready to pull their hair out and throw every democrat out of here. >> the election in massachusetts for senator-elect brown was much about an election that rejected arrogance. much like david in his fight against goliath. >> wow. they seem to have their plan down. it's arrogance. arrogance was defeated in massachusetts yesterday. your take on what you learned yesterday. >> what i learn side what i learned to some degree november of 2008 and the two years i traveled the country with barack obama. that is that middle class people, hardworking people are being squeezed in many different ways. they have seen their jobs disappear and wages stagnant and expenses are growing and health care by the way has been growing exponentially. this is enormously aggravating when they look to washington and wall s
from the "washington post," and kaiser and harvard that in fact say voters did not believe they were sending a message on health care specifically. but look what they did, not what they say. i agree with you, this is clearly, voters understood that they were throwing an enormous monkey wrench in the prospects of health care reform. what the president is doing is -- and which they're already moving in this direction before massachusetts, it was very clear talking to david axelrod about ten days ago, they were focusing more on this election of a contrast, not a referendum. what they've got now is a situation in which there is an enormous well of populist discontent about the direction of the country. republicans have ha great success of channeling it to washington in general, toward the democrats in particular. it's clear the white house wants to shift that focus back toward the financial institutions and other -- >> but are people angry at wall street, big money or big government? >> they're angry at both. and they're angry at government largely because of the belief that all of the a
of our pollsters put it, the message is "we hate what's going on in washington." chuck todd joins us at the top of the show. >>> plus, i love this story -- watergate. federal marshals have arrested a group of conservative activists in new orleans for allegedly attempting to wiretap the offices of democratic senator mary landrieu. the leader of those arrested, james o'keefe was the same conservative activist who became a right-wing hero for imitating a pimp at various a.c.o.r.n. offices. he together with three others were taken into custody after being caught trying to bug the offices of senator landrieu, a moderate democratic lawmaker. they had represented themselves as telephone repairmen. is this the equivalent of a third rate burglary or the start of something big? >>> also, how vulnerable is senator john mccain to a challenge from the right? former congressman and radio talk show host j.d. hayworth calls mccain a moderate -- that's a bad word by him. and he's going for that seat. he'll be here on "hardball." >>> john mccain isn't the only republican in trouble. will the thunder o
the massachusetts election people in washington were all in a tizzy. trying to figure out what this means for health reform. republicans and democrats. what does it mean for obama. is he weakened, is he -- how is he going to survive this. but i want you to understand, this is not about me. [ applause ] this is not about me. this is about you. i know there are some folks who think, you know, if obama loses, we win. but you know what? i think that i win when you win. >> wow. chuck todd, let me ask you about that. this president is an incumbent president, runs the government, heads the state. he is now acting like he's running for president. can he turn around and ride that surf board of public anger in the direction he wants to go? or is he simply back pedaling if he gets on there and has to pretend he's a critic of government when in fact he's leading it? will it work, will it be good politics, but more importantly will it work? will it get done by posturing as a critic of the way things are? >> well, look, it's clear what they decided they believe the message out of tuesday was
if it is the president or washington, d.c. and barack obama was not enough to deal with an otherwise broken system. joining us stephen boukadis and greg west. i've only got a second. greg, if there is one thing we can answer your question, my question is where is the beef? if the president was going to show you where the beef is how would he show you the beef? >> he would show me, i work with small and mid size businesses. they need clarity on what is happening with taxes, with health care and they need access to capital. if he could answer the question of so what after his speech that would be a fantastic speech for me. >> and stephen same question. where is the beef? >> sure. well, i would say the beef is sticking to his independence, staying away from the two-party political system. he engaged in partyism. he was independent and we would like to keep him independent and have him attend to our needs. >> gentlemen, enjoy the speech. we know he can give a heck of a speak. we are wondering if he can change washington, d.c. or update this country. i appreciate your time. that does it for us. i'm dyl
thing seem in washington and they want to know aside from government programs, to get the economy moving, i'm going to listen very carefully about the small businesses. so many are ready to grow but can't get credit. we've got to figure out a way to figure out how to get through the rough patch and begin jobs. >> let me ask you about health care before we get on to jobs again. it seems to me that the president and his people have failed to get republicans to join the democrats in getting through something like a centerist health care plan. three are afraid to join you without ten. they want the cover of a large group. they want safety in large numbers. what can he possibly do in the next couple of weeks to get the republicans to join him in numbers so they can get the core of his health care plan enacted? >> i think he needs to expose to a lot more republicans about what is going on. most people in american think that they've been shut out of the process. there were hundreds of american amendments in the bills that we considered but americans thought that they had been shut out of the pr
was already widening. >> what i'm asking you, if you're a democrat in washington, if you're david being a axelrod obama, harry reid, mitch mcconnell, give me one bit of advice that comes out of this poll, what happens here tonight? >> reconnect with your constituency internally and in congress. you have to reach across the aisle now and go true bipartisan to get laws enacted. >> thank you both. i learn from the regulars, from the real people. we'll be right back from doyle's cafe in boston. boston. boston. polls in massachusetts due to close in less than 40 minutes. you're watching "hardball" only on msnbc. what's going on? we ordered a gift online and we really need to do something with it... i'm just not sure what... what is it? oh just return it. returning gifts is easier than ever with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. plus i can pick it up for free. perfect because we have to get that outta this house. c'mon, it's not that... gahh, oh yeah that's gotta go... priority mail flat rate shipping start
"hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. leading off tonight, obama visits the elephant house. president obama met with house republicans today in an extraordinary confrontation. carried live here on msnbc. it was an event the likes of which we have never seen. never seen ever, akin to the prime minister's question time over in great britain. the president took the republicans' questions up in baltimore and he did it with passion, precision and expertise. it reminded a lot of people why they voted for the guy in the first place. was history made today? a new precedent for, maybe just breaking the political gridlock in this city. >>> don't ask, don't tell, will that policy finally be changed? a man from pennsylvania has a unique experience of being a congressman and former navy admiral. he'll say why it's time to go. >>> we start with president obama and the remarkable meeting with house republicans up in baltimore. here's the president at the beginning of that event today. talking about the tone of washington, and specifically, the big fight over health care. he began by
's second year. with me now, dan with the "washington post." the politico's john harris. an honor to have both of you here tonight. the big question is, what is the president's predicament, john harris, and the same question to dan, what is his predicament now as you size it up politically? john? >> his predicament was a year ago he said he was going to do big things and he challenged in his inaugural address that big things couldn't happen. he said the ground shifted on him. and we have to say a year later the ground has shifted on obama. the big bang he was going to come out as governing strategy in the first year has not come to fruition. he's a year in office and he doesn't have that sort of major policy achievement. he's got some things he points to as sk sess, but he clearly has not executed the big bang. and in the post-massachusetts landscape, those things are going to be more unattainable. what he's in need of is a political strategy now that the old strategy has failed. >> let me go to dan on that. do you believe the fact, it seems it's manifest he hasn't done the big thing yet,
and the country to go to washington to address these issues. i hope that as a nation and as a commonwealth we can do better in the future. you know that as your attorney general i will continue to fight and address them here with everybody in massachusetts who cares about these issues. thank you. so for me and for you, tonight this campaign comes to an end, but there's plenty of work to do here in massachusetts and as we continue to organize for america. and so we will always remember our terrific senator ted kennedy and his words, the work begins anew, the hope rises again and the dream lives on. thank you. >> well, that's martha coakley, the attorney general of massachusetts, who lost a race, a real heartbreaker for her tonight here in massachusetts. let's go to kelly o'donnell who is with the losing candidate tonight. you know, it must be a killer to have thought for weeks, even months, that you had this senate seat, that you were going to be the next senator perhaps for life from massachusetts, having won the democratic primary. and then to have it taken away from you just really over the hol
's the same message i saw in july when i was going to the 67 counties in pennsylvania. washington establishment told me to sit down and not to run. we're tired of the establishment to dictate interest for us. what you saw in massachusetts was writing on the wall that if any leadership of the distribute establishment had been looking around the corner trying to listen, they would have been leading and wouldn't have been dictating arlen specter. who has actually savaged us with the recession as a establishment's nominee? no. this is a rightfully anti-incumbency crowd that is saying we want a change in politics, not just policy. >> this is among registered voters by franklin & marshall. how do you make that up? apparently half the voters in pennsylvania on the democrats' side haven't figured out what they want to say, because you only get 13% and 30% accounted for so far. where are they going? >> that's terrific. as you can see, i'm through the line in the secondary. already headed towards the goalline. as ed rendell, the governor said the other evening, at this stage of the game, wh
you tomorrow night. >>> america to the rescue. >>> i'm chris math throughs in washington. here is the latest in on the crisis and haiti from around the world, aid is trickling into port-au-prince. planes from the united states, china, france and spain land ted airport bringing water, which is desperately needed right now. food and medicine, along with search and rescue teams. while aid workers say there's no system in place, certainly no government in place to get that aid to the people. the international red cross meanwhile is estimating right now 45 to 50,000 people, with another 3 million people in need of emergency relief. here in washington, our nation's capital, president obama promised an all-out rescue and humanitarian effort and announced $100 million in aid to the victims of the earthquake. >> to the people of haiti, we say clearly and with conviction, you will not be forsaken. you will not be forgotten. in this, your hour of greatest need, america stands with you. the world stands with you. >> president obama also called on former presidents george w. bush and bill c
. >>> fear factor. let's play "hardball." ♪ good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. leading off tonight, running for cover, the democrats woke up this morning to a one-two punch of bad news. first, arkansas democrat marion barry decided not to run for re-election to his house seat. then vice president joe biden's son announced he would not be running for his dad's old senate seat in dell, making it for another likely republican pickup. whether or not either of these decisions was prompted by last week's massachusetts election for the senate, the landscape is looking treacherous for democrats on both sides of capitol hill. one democrat who's getting restless is u.s. congressman bill pasclel of northern new jersey. when he says the public will get behind health care as soon as they understand it, he says that is not only arrogant, in his words, he says it's bs. he joins us later. that should be interesting. how does the white house hit the reset button to avert disaster this november politically? does obama go left, center or offer little crowd-pleasing nibbles like school uniform
in washington, d.c. treasury secretary tim geithner, the man who has been keeping all those aig secrets, whether he was the one that made the decision on the pass-through or not, conflicts depending on which e-mail you read. and which document you look through the redaction to see. but the man himself, the custodian of america's wealth, the king of the back-door bailout and secrets will be testifying tomorrow. and i am certain he will be grilled about those efforts to keep those details secret from the american people. also testifying, former treasury secretary hank paulson who was the man who sat as treasury secretary before tim geithner in that secret meeting of the nine for the t.a.r.p. giving out $10 billion at a clip with three or four paragraphs per page, an interesting day during the day. and that doesn't even begin to get into the state of the union. a big day for the president tomorrow after a divisive year. "hardball" begins right now. >>> something about mary. let's play "hardball." >>> good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. watergate, federal marshals have arrested a group o
matthews in washington leading off tonight. no country for old men. politics has become one tough business these days especially for those who have to defend the way things are in this country. in just the past 24 hours three top democrats have decided to quit the business and not run for re-election. senator chris dodd in connecticut, senator byron dorgan in north dakota and governor bill ritter in colorado. while democrats can argue that dodd's quitting improves chances in connecticut, no amount of spin can wash away the obvious conclusion. these democrats have looked at the electoral landscape and would prefer to retire than lose. the implications are human. we'll get to them at the top of the show. republicans are shocked that president obama opted for a criminal trial in federal court for the christmas day bomber even though that is exactly what the bush administration did with the so-called shoe bomber richard reed. where does the hypocrisy end? >>> what is going on with u.s. intelligence? twice in the last few weeks intelligence lapses have led to the disaster, the killing of seven
at the moment right now is that washington is out of control. that they don't have a remedy to the serious problems. that they're spending too much to no effect. if they're mad at washington, that means for now they're mad at democrats in congress, and in -- and president obama. that doesn't mean they like republicans, but democrats are the object of their anger. >> let's look at the president. here he is again with george stephanopoulos on the latest on his first year. >> one thing that i regret this year is that we were so busy just getting stuff done, and dealing with the immediate crises that were in front of us, that i think we lost some of that sense of, you know, speaking directly to the american people about what their core values are. and why we have to make sure those institutions are matching up with those values. and that i do think is a mistake of mine. >> i don't know what that means. dan balz, i don't know what they meant by that. that left me cold. what did he mean? >> well, chris, i'm not quite sure exactly what he meant. one is, i would say it gives too little credit to t
heads to haiti. let's play "hardball." good evening, i'm chris matthews. in washington leading off tonight race against death, people need water sooner than they need food n hot climates they need it faster. for that basic human reason the situation in haiti is growing more tense and desperate as the hours go by, as aid organizations struggle to distribute water, food and supplies to the injured and displaced. 2 million to 3 million people are in dire need of help right now. looters have begun taking to the streets in fear of widespread violence is gripping the city at port-au-prince. the longer it takes for aid to get to the people the worse the situation is likely to become. haitian government workers have buried some 7,000 corporations in mass graves, and hundreds of bodies are strewn along roadsides and outside the city morgue. no one can really be sure what the death toll is already. the panamerican health organization now estimates it could be as high as 100,000 but that's just the latest estimate. u.s. military cargo planes arrived at the airport today, more than 100 paratro
the meanie. let's play "hardball." >>> good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. leading off tonight, the patriot game. how long and how low can it go. first, dick cheney accused president of obama of pretending we're not at war. now jim demint said there's no question the president has downplayed the terrorists since taking office. the president's top counterterrorism adviser made it clear on "meet the press" this sunday that cheney is either ignorant or lying. you have to wonder whom cheney thinks is the real enemy here, al qaeda or his own president. why is every disagreement over policy these days open up a charm of not wanting to defend the country. tell us that, mr. cheney. it turns out that seven cia officers killed in afghanistan were not the victims of a rogue terrorist, but of a cunning al qaeda double agent. this is what we're up against these days. smart people. bad people against us. our own richard engel tonight on the cloak and dagger story that turned so deadly for us. and for our intelligence people. >>> plus, it's 2010. and "hardball's" going to be the place for pol
went to washington lobbying for two days this week for the free enterprise nation. it's the first time the people have had a lobby in washington. i met with three or four senators and about 12 congressmen. and they were -- they loved the fact that someone for the first time was representing the people. >> i'm with you, jim. thank you so much. i hope to talk to you again soon. >>> that does it for us. i am dylan ratigan. "hardball" is up here next with chris matthews right now. >>> the second year of president obama. let's play "hardball." >>> good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. leading off tonight, can you hear me now? president obama got on the line with the american people last night, connecting on a wide range of matters affecting the country. it was in many ways a catch-up call. he wants us to know what he's working on, what her cares most about, and what he hasn't yet been able to do. he talked about resolve. >> we don't quit. i don't quit. let's seize this moment. to start anew. to carry the dream forward. and to strengthen our union once more. >> just for exercise, d
touch. get dirty. drop your g's. remember you're an outsider untainted by the corruption of washington and the east coast media elite. and that's why you're wearing hip waders. when you're not wearing a cunning valentino frock bought for you by the party. four, aim high. always be advancing to the next level. with enough focus and drive you, too, can go from being a commercial fisher to city council, to mayor, to governor, to candidate for vice president of the united states of america. and here's the great part. if any of those gigs stop advancing you to the next level, just quit. it's not like she swore an oath or -- anywho. five, embrace the media, and then -- this is key -- claim to hate it. here's how it works. you give interviews to the media so you can criticize the media so you can give interviews to the media so you can criticize the media so i can give interviews to the media so you can criticize the media until you finally criticize the media so much you wind up as the media. and then everybody wins. >> you betcha. >> you betcha! >> thank you very much, kent. appreciate it.
's because they're concerned about what's going on down in washington. because they want to express their outrage about the economy. they want to express their skepticism about the health care bill as it's developed. and they want to send a message to everybody in power. and scott brown seems to be the closest instrument at hand to do it. martha coakley, even though she's not a federal official, and just the attorney general, still seems closer to the establishment than scott brown does. and that's why he's benefiting from this mood that threatens everybody looking ahead to november. >> let's take a look at the latest numbers. last week we had a poll having brown leading for the first time over coakley. 50-46. the trend line of all the polls show brown pulling away. over the weekend, suffolk university pollsters looked at the key bellwether towns in massachusetts. brown led by double digits in all those towns. by the way, they took those polls last night around 9:00. i talked to the pollster this morning. he's got in his chart here, as you can see, howard, almost double -- clearly d
evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. here is what we know at this hour. bodies are piling up in the streets of port-au-prince. haiti's prime minister says hundreds of thousands of people may be dead. the haitian president says he has heard 30,000 to 50,000 people may be dead. there is no true casualty figure yet. haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere and the damage from the earthquake is widespread. the quake flattened the palace the roman catholic cathedral the main prison and hospitals and schools in the capital. president obama pledged an all-out rescue and humanitarian effort. >> i have directed my administration to respond with a swift, coordinated and aggressive effort to save lives. the people of haiti will have the full support of the united states in the urgent rescue of those trapped beneath the rubble, to deliver humanitarian relief, food, water and medicine haitians will need in the coming days. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton is returning to washington to continue her relief effort. the agencies is headed by a fella named rajiv shah. let's
into the country. they'll be working to do that just as teams here in washington, d.c., at the state department, at the pentagon, at southern command and at the u.s. -- >> as you mention to communicate with, with no power, with essentially a primitive communications, you could argue, to begin with, have the diplomats in port-au-prince been able to even make contact with the haitian government to find out what sort of government they have in place? >> again, just before coming in, we had not takened any good contacts with the haitian government, but that doesn't mean that we are not still trying and they may have done so since i came into the studio. they are very confused. yes, it is difficult to make contact. but we do know where the emergency services should be congregating and we should try and reach them by relying on the experience that we've had in these sorts of situations before. the haitian government will be trying to establish its emergency services and coordinate them. we're going to try and hook up with them so that we can help in the most effective way possible. >> u.s. diplomats
of line himself? joining me is professor at george washington university who knows a lot about a lot. and always surprises me. so i have no idea what you're going to say. what do you make of these characters, i think that's fair to call them that, they may be felons when this is all over, going into a senator's office in new orleans, her local office, mary landrieu, and doing something with the phone system, mass occur aiding as telephone equipment fixers, cutting the lines, doing things, entering space they shouldn't be in, facing now ten years in prison for some hijinx? their defense is, what, they wanted to catch the senator's staff acting nonchalant or whimsical after their lines were cut because they're tired of taking negative calls on the health bill? >> that's the weird thing. these people seem to have room temperature iqs. it's astonishing they found each other and came up with this idea. >> it is dangerous when people of slight intellect get together. >> and their addresses pinned to their shirts when they do this. you really have a problem. as a defense attorney, you reach
with a stellar resume, orszag is one of the president's top policy gurus. >> washington is a city of wonks and he was a very eligible wonk himself. he had a kind of nerdy, sexy washington appeal. rahm emalmanual said that he made nerdy sexy. >> reporter: even president obama has called him a propeller head and used him in his standup jokes. >> sabz planning a series called "dancing with the czars." tlc has got something called "jon and kate plus peter orszag." >> reporter: orszag was divorced in 2005 and has two children already. as head of the office of management and budget, he is charged with drafting and selling the president's budget, which offers a blueprint of obama's top priorities. >> does this have anything too do with his job? >> i don't think so it makes you wonder how he manages to get everything done but he clearly is good at managing his time. back to our planet tonight, laura flanders and susan moll lynn far this rib, i have one question for you quickly, do you think this guy is focused on his job? susan? >> i take him at his word that he can -- that he wants to be personal and pr
.m. show of the daily rundown which started today. and howard fineman, washington correspondent and msnbc political analyst. first you, chuck, then howard. how long is this story going to last? the days that are going to hairy harry reid? >> i'm hesitant to predict how long a political, a race-driven political story is going to last. i think a lot of us thought, frips, the henry gates story was going to go away after 24, maybe 48 hours. that thing drug on a week. i think reverend wright proved how long that story could drag on. so i think sometimes we forget just how potent this issue still, how raw race is in american politics. these things can just keep going a lot longer than all of the smart people in this town think. that said, there aren't many ingredients there that indicate this story is going to keep going. number one, there isn't a single democrat publicly coming out against harry reid. that was not what happened, for instance, to the trent lott episode. there are a whole bunch of republicans looking to throw that guy under the bus before he made those comments. the second thing
"hardball." ♪ >>> good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. leading off tonight, can you hear me now? president obama got on the line with the american people last night, connecting on a wide range of matters affecting the country. it was in many ways a catch-up call. he wanted us to know what he's working on, what he cares most about, what he has tried to do and hasn't yet been able to do. he talked about resolve. >> we don't quit. i don't quit. let's seize this moment, to start anew, to carry the dream forward, and to strengthen our union once more. >> just for exercise, did he follow through on my three suggestions to get the country believing in him again? i said he had to explain to the americans how the great recession could have become a second great depression if he hadn't taken drastic action that he did. that he had to focus on jobs and share the country's number one concern. and he had to talk about some social issues that mattered to liberals. tonight, we'll give a sharp look to last night's address to congress. >>> the president talked about capturing or killing hundreds
the whip. let's play "hardball." >>> good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. leading off tonight, too slow? president obama just cracked the whip on the christmas bombing intelligence failures. but is he going too slow? president obama's big problem. that's when something happens, or should happen, it takes him a long time to get on it. health care waddles through congress and he watches. there's a terrorist at ft. hood and he shows up days later and a bit too cool. he's only late today, calling a meeting of his security people to find out why a guy nearly blew up an airplane over detroit on christmas day. is this slowness to act? this tendency to narrate events rather than control them? the reason president obama is being hit so hard these days from right as well as left. republicans are out to destroy him obviously. but where are his supporters on the democratic side? are they slow to defend him because he, the president, has been slow to lead? the head of the republican national committee, michael steele, is coming here, has made his plans clear. his new book is called "right
in washington. leading off, denial. the bush loyalists have been nasty on the offense lately blasting obama on everything from not saying the word terrorists enough to being a socialist and not an american. but the rear guard are not so sharp when it comes to defense. catch this whopper today from former new york mayor rudy giuliani. >> what he should be doing is following the right things that bush did. one of the right things he did was treat this as a war on terror. we had no domestic attacks under bush. we've had one under obama. >> really, no domestic attacks during president bush. how about the one clearly warned about in august of 2001, bin laden determined to strike in u.s.? what about the attacks of 9/11 which, as joe biden likes to say, rudy giuliani made the chief component of every sentence he spoke running for president. is this the new republican strategy, to speak and pretend that 9/11 was some bad memory they inherited from a previous administration and hope that it sticks? plus, great new details about the 2008 presidential election in the hot new campaign book "game change
with me, the afl-cio sided with me. the nra sided with me. everybody likes to talk in washington about bipartisanship and nonpartisan. well, this is the ultimate nonpartisan issue. from across the political spectrum, organizations with us -- >> but the court ruling was right over left. i mean, the court ruled with the five conservatives versus the four on the other side. it was led by scalia and thomas. it wasn't exactly a bipartisan court ruling. >> it certainly was. justice kennedy, who is really not a conservative, is a leader on free speech issues. and that's why he -- and it was his decision. he handed down the decision, not one of the other conservatives. so, it means a lot coming from justice kennedy. >> i will take that point. this is what the president had to say. "the supreme court has given a green light to a new stampede of special interest money in our politics. we will talk about bipartisan congressional leaders to develop a forceful response in this decision. the public interest requires nothing less." can he get remedial legislation to trump this court decision? can it
a populist concern about -- i say the washington/wall street coalition and that the rest of the american people feel they're not part of. i do think that michelle bachmann is correct. i will say this in one sense, for the republican party to be successful in the next election they have to have a reform movement that appeals to both traditional republicans and the t.e.a. party movement. they have to be more reform-minded. they need good ideas that can get broad-based support to fix the -- to kind of appeal to the populist. they're not just right wing populists. there's also left wing populist. >> time flies when we're having fun. please come back. >>> in the phone survey i asked do you think the t.e.a. party attacks are patriotic or un-american. 89% say un-american. 11% say patriotic. >>> chris matthews and "hardball" starts right now on the place for politics, msnbc. we'll see you tomorrow night. >>> obama cracks the whip. let's play "hardball." >>> good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. leading off tonight, too slow? president obama just cracked the whip on the christmas bombin
the viewers understand what the problem is. he sent a message to the counterterrorism center in washington that the cia has that was sent to the national center for counterterrorism which is a separate unit. so he did the right thing bureaucratically. what we have to realize is -- we talk about connecting the dots. there are too many dots for anybody to see them all. >> how many have top father banker saying my son has been radicalized. look out. he is headed to yemen. he is trouble. how many cases are like that that can't be checked out? >> the estimates my sources gave me, there is a one of these visa viper warnings from every embassy around the world every day. 180 embassies, 180 requests for special scrutiny every day coming in. we don't have enough people. we don't have the systems. we have created a system that everybody is going to send in everything that is possibly a problem so you don't see this. >> your guess, how many people are there like this like this guy from nigeria coming at us? >> i couldn't give you a guess except to say it is more than zero. >> as we speak they are try
about the obama agenda, to stop the agenda in washington, and move the country backwards. i think health care has really been the issue this whole campaign. i think, you know, scott brown has really got a tide. you know, they spent over $6 million in that state. they brought in all these outsiders to get involved in the campaign. the crowds are built by folks from outside. they ran a good campaign, the republicans. >> this guy is not running on charm or good looks or what do you call it, charisma. he's saying, i'm going to kill health care. i'm going to be the 41st senator to kill it dead. this is a clear-cut voter choice on health care, right? >> no question about it. i think most americans don't understand the health care issue. they're confused about it. we know when you have reform, but they don't know what the bill contains. >> but they're saying no with one word, no. >> there's been a lot of false information about the health care plan. they don't have a choice. they'll tell you what doctors to go to. >> whose fault is that? >> the congress' fault. they should have informed the pub
in that room in washington where people get the information from lagos, nigeria about a father coming in the door and saying my son is dangerous them get information from yemen there is a nigerian on the loose, we got to look out for him. what is it like in that room, people with eyeshades on, rolled up sleeves? what guess on in that room? >> i think at the end of the day, you are going to find that somebody who had responsibility for this information was overwhelmed with other things to do. and i think the lesson out of that is allocate more resources, human, technological. you need of the kind of search engine capability that is capable of matching names together. we know now that customs and border protection were able, while a flight was in the air to send a message saying abdulmutallab needed to be interviewed upon landing, okay? so the information was there, it should have been available in amsterdam, the same information caused them to say, look, you need to screen this guy before he gets loose in america. so that information was there. we need to get some answers as to why it
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